Our Family



Tía Inocencia

"Ino," our director, without a doubt has a special call to serve God and the children of Talita Cumi. She is a woman with a humble heart, who has accomplished much in her short time as director of the home.


Tío Ivan

Ivan Cossio, auditing graduate. Our administrator works to ensure that economic resources are managed in a balanced and transparent manner.

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Tía Ángela

Tia Angela is our Christian psychologist who brings years of experience. She has a calm and caring approach and brings wisdom to many difficult situations.


Tía Sandra

Sandra Narváez, graduate in Social Work. She is a firm and constant woman who performs the tasks of the Social Work area, depending on the TGN. Her functions are of total support to our children, watching over their rights and social and family welfare.

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Tía Maria

Maria Vargas. She works as an educator, supporting our boys and girls in their academic development. In addition, she is in charge of the sewing workshop as part of the occupational therapy that the NNAs receive, teaching practical sewing tasks, resource management and planning.


Tía Cinthia

Cinthia Daza. Patient, tender and helpful woman who performs her work being the house mother of our children on weekends, watching over the integral development of each one of them.


Tía Ester

Esther Mamani, Psychology graduate. She is a fun and helpful woman who works as an educator and stay-at-home mom of our children, watching over the integral development of each of them.


Tía Gladys

Gladis Sandoval, Social Work graduate. She is a loving and tender woman who works as an educator and stay-at-home mom of our girls, watching over the integral development of each of them.

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Tía Felipa

Felipa León. She is a close and open woman who works as a mother on weekends at our girls' homes, watching over the integral development of each one of them.

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Tía Teresa

Teresa Zenteno. A charismatic and organized woman who, as our Chef, is responsible for the diet and healthy food for our children and adolescents, in addition to managing the resources for the supply in an exemplary manner.

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Pr Fernando

Fernando Cachi, pastor. A faithful and helpful man in charge of everything that has to do with the maintenance of the infrastructure of the home, in addition to providing support in the spiritual area.


Tía Silda

Silda has worked for Talita Cumi for four and a half years, both as an educator and interim director. Currently she is working as an educator in the boy's home.


Tío Derek

Derek Fowler is a missionary from the United States serving in the home. He is director of La Casa de Rut, a transitional home for girls who are past the age of Talita Cumi and need a place to live while they complete their college education.


Tía Suzanne

Susanne Dätwyler has studied to become a primary school teacher, she also works in children's homes, canteens and as a psychopedagogue. Currently she is a volunteer at Talita Cumi, where she does individualized tutoring. She is also in charge of the spiritual area.


Tía Raquel

Raquel Malagón, missionary of the Assemblies of God of Spain. She collaborates as a volunteer, focusing her work on the accompaniment, mentoring and discipleship of teenagers, in addition to being the tutor of "La casa de Rut", a safe space where the girls can access once they have reached the age of majority, where they are provided with everything they need to reach adulthood in a healthy way in each of the areas of their lives.

Board of Directors

Inocencia Ortiz

Executive Director

Mauricio Barbeito

Board President

Victoria Baigorria
Pablo Scetti
Jacqueline McCaig
Maria Pía Huebe

Talita Cumi is governed by a board of directors that meets regularly to seek God’s guidance in discerning the best choices for the home. The board is made up of Bolivian nationals as well as missionaries that have come to Bolivia from other parts of the world. To contact our board members, check out the «Contact Us» page. We also have a USA Board of Directors in California that manages our American donations.


For many years, Talita Cumi has been blessed by one-year interns from SALT or YAMEN: programs of the Mennonite Central Committee. More recently we have also received interns through other mission organizations including the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM). These interns live in Bolivia and help fill the gaps: spending time with the children, helping with homework, writing newsletters, teaching English and music, and performing other administrative tasks. They are always a huge help and a wonderful part of Talita Cumi’s family. 

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