Give us this day our daily bread
Matthew 6:11

Talita Cumi is a faith-based children’s home that relies on the donations of people like you to support us in providing for these children.  The rising costs of food and clothing, as well as the need to pay our staff, is our constant source of concern and prayer.  If you’d like to be an answer to our prayers please consider becoming a regular donor through our sponsorship program or giving to our general funds.

To develop a relationship with one of our children, and stand in the gap as a prayer partner and sponsor, you can find more information here on the Sponsorship Program.

General funds at Talita Cumi are used to purchase food and clothing, cover transportation costs, pay staff salaries, meet medical needs, and provide each child with a good education. When you donate to Talita Cumi, you help us meet the basic needs of each child so that he or she can have an opportunity to flourish in life.

The honest truth is that financial donations from people like you who believe in the vision of Talita Cumi are what allow us to keep food on the table each day.  For this reason, we will not hesitate to ask our Christian brothers and sisters around the world if they would help us provide for the children at the home, nor will we ever stop giving thanks for the way that our donors have blessed our children!

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