United States of America Donors

By Check:
Make checks out to “Talita Cumi” and send to the Talita Cumi California Board of Directors, at:

244 Dickenson Ave.
Newbury Park, CA 91320


Direct withdrawal or securities: If you would prefer to have your donation withdrawn directly from a personal or business checking account, or donate publicly traded securities to Talita Cumi, please contact Todd Spence at tccalifornia@talitacumi.com or call (805) 915 8151

Direct withdrawal authorization


Online: Donations can be made right here through PayPal by clicking the “PayPal Giving Fund – Talita Cumi” link for a one time donation OR selecting an automatic monthly donation option and clicking “Subscribe.” All donations are tax-deductible.

PayPal Giving Fund – Talita Cumi

Monthly donation options:

While we strive to honor all designated gifts, ultimate decisions on the distribution
of transferred
funds are the legal purview of the Talita Cumi Board of Directors in Bolivia.