Our Team

Talita Cumi is blessed with a fantastic group of people who keep the home running smoothly, as well as provide emotional and spiritual support for our kids. Those who work at the home are called “Tía” or “Tío” by the children, which mean Aunt or Uncle in English — a reflection of the familial relationships between the staff and children.

For many years, Talita Cumi has been blessed by one-year interns from SALT or YAMEN: programs of the Mennonite Central Committee. More recently we have also received many interns through other mission organizations, most notably the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM). These interns live in Bolivia and help fill the gaps: spending time with the children, helping with homework, writing newsletters, teaching English and music, and performing other administrative tasks. They are always a huge help and a wonderful part of Talita Cumi’s family.

Board of Directors
Talita Cumi is governed by a board of directors that meet regularly to seek God’s guidance in discerning the best choices for the home. The board is made up of Bolivian nationals as well as missionaries that have come to Bolivia from other parts of the world. To contact our board members, check out the “Contact Us” page. We also have a USA Board of Directors in California that manages our American donations.