Tio Jose.
Jose has a great knowledge about computers and music. He and his wife Jessica serve as musicians on the worship team at their church. Is our Administrator, he has been managing the books since June 2011. As our only male staff member he stands out as a role model in integrity and respect. Tio Jose also volunteers as a mentor to the older boys.

Tia Felipa.
It is our new receptionist and is a blessing to have your support.

Tia Heidi.
Her husband Bill and their children moved to Bolivia Jan 2001 to work with Christian Veterinary Mission. Tia Heidi has been involved with TC from the beginning. She uses her artistic abilities to generate income for the home. Tia Heidi's ability to connect with visitors, interns, staff and the children of the home is a beautiful expression of her faith. Tia Heidi also serves as the coordinator for finances coming from the USA.

Tia Silda.
Has worked for Talita Cumi for four and a half years as an educator and interim director. Currently she is working as an educator in the boy's home. Her gentle nature draws children to her and builds trust. She is a new mom to a beautiful baby boy.

Tia Maria.
Is a retired teacher who serves as the house mom for the boys home. Tia Maria is a mother of four and a grandmother of two and she brings her extensive experience to manage and disciple our boys. One of her greatest assets is that she has gained the boys trust and respect.

Tia Evelyn.
Serves as an educator to our girls. During the day she works to encourage and support their tasks and academic development. Tia Evelyn has three daughters of her own, she is a bright cheerful lady who loves to laugh and encourage.

Tia Angela.
We are blessed to have Tia Angela as our part time Christian Psychologist who brings her years of experience. She has a calm loving approach and brings wisdom to many difficult situations. She gently builds trust with children who have suffered hardship and pain.

Tia Sandra.
Works for the Government of Bolivia, she is our Social worker and often works as a detective searching for family members of our children. Her faith gives her the determination to advocate for each child and investigate their family situation with compassion and love.

For many years, Talita Cumi is blessed by a one-year intern from SALT or YAMEN Program of Mennonite Central Committee's. More recently we have also received many interns through other mission organizations, most notably the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM). These interns live in Bolivia and help fill the gaps, spending time with the children, giving homework help, writing newsletters, teaching English & music, and performing other administrative tasks as needed. They are always a huge help and a wonderful part of Talita Cumi's family.

Board of Directors
Talita Cumi is governed by a board of directors that meet regularly to seek God's guidance in discerning the best choices for the home. The board is made up of Bolivian nationals as well as missionaries that have come to Bolivia from other parts of the world. To contact our board members, check out the "Contact Us" page. We also have a California Board of Directors which manages our American donations.