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Talita Cumi Children's Home
Casilla 999 Santa Cruz, Bolivia
(Please allow at least two months for your mail to be delivered and know that the mail system is not the most reliable!)

Name Birthday date
Yamile 03 January
Juan Pablo 31 January
Rosario 28 March
Rodrigo 01 April
Valeria 19 April
Luis 19 April
Juan Carlos 02 May
Cristina 20 May
Heidi Helen 23 May
Zulema 31 May
Name Birthday date
Daniela 08 June
Matias 03 July
Nicol 04 July
Shirley 12 August
Rosita 01 September
Cristian 06 September
Mateo 10 September
Mariel de los Angeles21 September
Erik Brayan 25 November